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The Open-Source Architecture Community brings together like-minded users and developers who share a common goal: that the built environment can be designed, constructed, operated, and recycled with free software, increased transparency, and a more ethical approach.

We encourage the community to share what they're working on, use more free software in what is currently a proprietary-dominated market, and learn more about what's out there.

For community discussion, visit the OSArch Community and read about our Monthly Meetup.

This wiki is brand-new. Please expect changes. Please feel free to contribute! See How to contribute to OSArch.

AEC resource directories[edit]

We have a growing list of Free Software, help us expand it and browse for interesting solutions.

Open Data Standards allow different software packages to communicate, here's where you can read about them.

Open Data is great for testing and experimenting so we're collecting link to these resources.

There are plenty of Academic Papers, articles out there relevant to this project. Help us grow the lists.


OpenBIM and IFC[edit]

IFC is the main data schema for BIM data

MicroMVDs are subsets of the IFC data schema for specific purposes

There are articles related to Using MicroMVDs for exchange requirements. With examples for project setup, geolocation, element classes, naming, materials and COBie

Software specifics resources[edit]

(These will be relocated under pages for each software package in the future)


Best practices for OpenBIM in various packages.

Learning material

List of architecture 3D models freely available for downloading.

BlenderBIM Add-on.

Getting started on this wiki[edit]