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This is a directory with a list of the public links for donations and financial support of several Open Source AEC projects. Please, if you like the work that they are doing, consider to visit the donation links listed bellow.

Donation directory of AEC Open Source projects[edit]

We have collected these public links from different sources, such as forums, official web pages, etc. Developers are working as volunteers for these projects and your support will be appreciated. We will try to have updated this list with the people's links that are currently working, but is your responsibility to verify their work before give them patronage.


Organization donation links[edit]

Official FreeCAD Liberapay Account

Official FreeCAD Bountysource link

Personal links of developers[edit]

Kurt Kremitzki

Yorik van Havre


Amritpal Singh

Eliud Cabrera

Hakan Seven

Brad Collette

BlenderBIM Addon[edit]

Personal links of developers[edit]

Dion Moult


Organization donation links[edit]

Blender Development Fund


Organization donation links[edit]