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OSArch accepts financial support through our Open Source Collective page. You may also be interested in donating directly to projects which impact you from the AEC Free Software directory and then documenting your financial contribution on the OSArch Supporters page.

This is a directory with a list of the public links for donations and financial support of several free/libre software AEC projects. Please, if you like the work that they are doing, consider to visit the donation links listed bellow.

Money is just one way to help. You are always very welcome to post to our community forum if you want to talk about supporting our aims in other ways. You are also very welcome to add yourself to the page of OSArch_Supporters.

We have collected these public links from different sources, such as forums, official web pages, etc. Developers are working as volunteers for these projects and your support will be appreciated. We will try to have updated this list with the people's links that are currently working, but it is your responsibility to make an informed decision before making a donation.

If you want to help us seek more substantial funding see our Funding sources page.


64x64 Blender - Blender Development Fund Blender Foundation

BlenderBIM Add-on[edit]

BlenderBIM Add-on BlenderBIM Add-on - Dion Moult on liberapay

CAD Transform[edit]

CAD Transform - Addon for Blender. The cost is 0, but you can select a fair price in


CloudCompare CloudCompare - they have their own account on DonorBox


Excalidraw Excalidraw - accept donations through their OpenCollective account.




Geographic Resources Analysis Support System - Donation page -


IFC.js IFC.js can be supported via opencollective


IfcOpenShell IfcOpenShell, of which BlenderBIM Add-on is a submodule


Inkscape Inkscape - Donation page -


Krita Krita -


LibreDWG Support the main developer of LibreDWG, Reini Urban, on Patreon or github


OpenLCA Support the OpenLCA project by purchasing services

The OpenSourceBIM collective[edit]

Note that this has now Prior to the reorganisation by IfcOpenShell, you can see a large number of contributors who you may wish to contact directly who have worked on a variety of OpenBIM application.


FLOSS Geographic Information System. Donation page: -


SolveSpace SolveSpace


Sverchok Sverchok - There is a Paypal link on the Sverchok website

Sweet Home 3D[edit]

Sweet_Home_3D Sweet Home 3D Interior Design Software - There is a Paypal link on the SH3D page:


Tissue - Addon for Blender. You can support the author, Alessandro Zomparelli.


Topologic Topologic You can donate via:

Broadly Funding Open Source AEC Software Development[edit]

OpeningDesign is experimenting with a funding model where they will dedicate 10% of their project specific revenue to open source AEC developers.