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ResearchGate has many research papers on Building Information Modelling (BIM), Industry Foundation Classes (IFC)

Articles related to OpenBIM and energy modeling can be found on the Energy Modeling page.

Name Author Description Is Paywalled
Low-Cost 4D BIM Modelling: A comparison between FreeCAD and commercial software D. Di Donato, M. Abita An investigation on the potential of FreeCAD and free software in 4D BIM modeling, with a comparison to commercial tools. No
Compliance checking on building models with the Gherkin language and Continuous Integration Dion Moult, T.F. Krijnen Unit testing and continuous integration is applied to automate model checking as an alternative to mvdXML. No
Open Source Cloud-Based Technologies for BIM Sotirios Logothetis, Eleni Karachaliou, Elena Valari, Efstratios Stylianidis This paper presents a Cloud-based open source system for storing and processing data from a 3D survey approach. No
Spatial DBMS Architecture for a Free and Open Source BIM S. Logothetisa, E. Valaria, E. Karachalioua, E. Stylianidisa First approach on developing a spatial Database Management System (DBMS) able to store, organize and manage the overall amount of information within a single application, is presented. No
Development of an Open Source Spatial DBMS for a FOSS BIM Sotiris Logothetis, Elena Valari, Eleni Karachaliou and Efstratios Stylianidis The present research aims to use a FOSS computer-aided design (CAD) environment in order to develop an ecosystem of BIM plugins that will facilitate a comprehensive and integrated BIM model analysis through a FOSS solution. No