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Next Meetup[edit]

The next monthly meetup is (in the planning stage)

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[https:// see in your timezone]

If you're up for next one, add yourself to the spreadsheet and if you add your email too, I'll send around a reminder email:

Keynote presentation:



Previous meetups[edit]

September 5th, 2020[edit]


The planned presentation didn't work out. So we made a quick agenda ourselves.

August 1th, 2020[edit]

Recording: Peertube YouTube

The presentation before discussions was about Topologic

July 4th 2020[edit]

Recording: Peertube YouTube

Presentation: Homemaker, evolving houses with Perl, with Bruno Postle

Other points discussed:

  1. A quick preview of new FreeCAD BIM WB experimental tools by Carlo

June 6th 2020[edit]

Recording: Peertube YouTube

Presentation: Jesusbill gave an introduction to Salome Meca and other engineering goodness!


  1. We talked about the Mission Statement Follow up: ([User:Duncan] will make a new draft with more attention to ethical consideration adn other small refinements from the discussion thread.
  2. We talked briefly about the challenges and goals FreeMVD round-tripping (Ryan, Yorik, Moult). We also discussed whether this should be a future keynote topic. Follow up: up to the FreeMVD people
  3. We discussed briefly starting a website with an attractive front page to give people a very quick idea of what we're trying to do. We talked about it maybe focusing on some examples workflows for different audiences. Maybe those workflows are not ready/documentet to present yet in an attractive way. Follow up: there is a general invitation for anyone to do a mock up of how a website front page might look.
  4. There was a quick mention about possible collaboration with Measure-It-ARCH & Archipack Blender Add-on. Follow up: Moult, globalcitizen, kevancress, and stephen-l will discuss this.

May 2nd 2020[edit]

Recording: Peertube YouTube

Presentation: Yorik presented the current state of FreeCAD BIM

Notes, things we discussed

  • a mission statement (see forum thread)
  • finding a real world project to work on
  • roundtripping data (BlenderBIM <> FreeCAD)
  • sample content like Yoriks Barcelona Pavillion

April 4th 2020[edit]

Recording: Peertube YouTube

Presentation: Moult presented the current state of BlenderBIM