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The OSArch community meets up the first Saturday of each month at 20:00 UTC (some exceptions may apply, the final date is announced on the forum). The meetups are held online with video, voice and screensharing. There is a shared spreadsheet to enter your details if you would like to have an email reminder sent to you to join.

The meetup has a loose, informal structure, starting with a single presenter for approximately a half to full hour usually talking about a project they've agreed with our meeting coordinator (Ionnis). Following the presentation, there is a short Q&A session, and then informal chat and discussion around current events in the OSArch community.

Each meetup will be recorded and published publicly online under a Creative Commons CC BY-SA 2.0 license to help share everything we learn and discuss with the public. If you are uncomfortable with your presence being recorded and published publicly online, you can turn off your microphone and webcam using the buttons at the middle bottom of your screen. You can still participate by typing into the chat window which can be found on the bottom left. If you want, you can also change your display name to an alias using the menu button on the bottom right, and then clicking your name at the top of the menu that appears. You will be given the option to rename your display name. Alternatively, you are free to not join the meetup, and watch the recording online later, which will be uploaded to a public Peertube channel and Youtube channel.

At the start of each meeting, we will reiterate the public nature of these meetings to allow for any privacy concerns, and give time for users to anonymize themselves as necessary, and then start the recording and begin the meeting.

Next Meetup[edit]

If you have suggestions, ideas or questions about our monthly meetup you can talk to the coordinator, Ioannis/Jesusbill on the discussion forums.

December 5th, 2020 at 8pm/20:00 UTC[edit]

  • Keynote

Andrew Peel

  • Announcement and agenda:
    • Follow up from previous meeting
    • Recordings. We've been recording the whole session. Do we want to stop the recordings after the keynote? (added by Duncan)

Previous meetups[edit]

Vi-Sense November 7th, 2020[edit]

Recording: Peertube YouTube

Maximillian presented Vi-Sense for the first hour and we then had a rich discussion, mostly about the website, marketing and educational resources/courses.

Website We all agree that the website needs a better presentation. The sections/topics need to be visually distinct. The organisation needs to be clearer. User:Duncan has been looking at some alternatives to the current wiki skin, Chameleon looks interesting. Robert has offered to work on a new section for basic software relevant to running an office. Robert will post something on the forum and we can take it from there.


  • Make more use of for the guides and how to we have. (There's a bunch of Revit ones) (Duncan)
  • Look more into visual identities of pages. Maybe just distinct banner and footers is a good start.
  • Robert (@RWA108) will post a bit on the forum about regular FOSS software useful for an office environment which we can be developed further on the website

Education/courses We talked about different ways to create training/teaching contents on FOSS. Recording the short sessions that evolve out of questions in the forum and on the chat. Cyril has some content for teaching IFC, Dion has the content he made for buildingSMART. Two well respected open content learning systems are and . One way forward is partnering with existing institutions to create open coursework anyone can then access.

Marketing / outreach We talked about how stronger ties to academic institutions is important. Dion knows of these initiatives in Germany: Aachen ... ################ Duncan also has contact with a technical college in Denmark and would love to present our project and some tools to them.


  • Create new wiki redesign proposal with "themed" skin for different pages (@Moult can have a shot at this)
  • Rename page names to use more "How to" terminology to better reflect user needs
  • Assign wiki pages to 1) A software / tool category, 2) a workflow (e.g. how-to page) / information (e.g. directory page) category
  • Register a new Twitter / Mastodon OSArch account to reserve the name, open for volunteers who would like to maintain (reach out to @duncan_nz), also bridge the accounts use
  • Start reaching out to Academia to see if there is potential collaboration. Dion has contact/knowledge of contacted so far: Bond & USyd in Australia, Aachen in Germany. Duncan has made contact with Aalborg University in Denmark.

Meeting notes by Dion & Duncan

Open Source Ecology October 3rd, 2020[edit]

Recording: Peertube YouTube

Keynote was from Marcin from Open Source Ecology. You can see Marcins slides from the presentation.

There was no discussion after the presentation but lots of interesting questions for Marcin

September 5th, 2020[edit]

Recording: Peertube YouTube

The planned presentation didn't work out. So we made a quick agenda ourselves.

Topologic August 1st, 2020[edit]

Recording: Peertube YouTube

The presentation before discussions was about Topologic

Homemaker July 4th, 2020[edit]

Recording: Peertube YouTube

Presentation: Homemaker, evolving houses with Perl, with Bruno Postle

Other points discussed:

  1. A quick preview of new FreeCAD BIM WB experimental tools by Carlo

Salome Meca June 6th, 2020[edit]

Recording: Peertube YouTube

Presentation: Jesusbill gave an introduction to Salome Meca and other engineering goodness!


  1. We talked about the Mission Statement Follow up: ([User:Duncan] will make a new draft with more attention to ethical consideration adn other small refinements from the discussion thread.
  2. We talked briefly about the challenges and goals FreeMVD round-tripping (Ryan, Yorik, Moult). We also discussed whether this should be a future keynote topic. Follow up: up to the FreeMVD people
  3. We discussed briefly starting a website with an attractive front page to give people a very quick idea of what we're trying to do. We talked about it maybe focusing on some examples workflows for different audiences. Maybe those workflows are not ready/documentet to present yet in an attractive way. Follow up: there is a general invitation for anyone to do a mock up of how a website front page might look.
  4. There was a quick mention about possible collaboration with Measure-It-ARCH & Archipack Blender Add-on. Follow up: Moult, globalcitizen, kevancress, and stephen-l will discuss this.

FreeCAD BIM May 2nd, 2020[edit]

Recording: Peertube YouTube

Presentation: Yorik presented the current state of FreeCAD BIM

Notes, things we discussed

  • a mission statement (see forum thread)
  • finding a real world project to work on
  • roundtripping data (BlenderBIM <> FreeCAD)
  • sample content like Yoriks Barcelona Pavillion

BlenderBIM April 4th, 2020[edit]

Recording: Peertube YouTube

Presentation: Moult presented the current state of BlenderBIM