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OSArch is a non-proft group and relies on volunteers and building our network of professionals, organizations and companies involved in the projects we support. Having a strong social media presence is part of getting the word out.

There is also a page on who maintains our OSArch_Digital_Infrastructure

Social Media[edit]

We have a number of social media accounts, both on free/libre open systems and closed proprietary systems.

Please follow the accounts and share the posts you find interesting.

General discussion about Social Media accounts: https://community.osarch.org/discussion/334/getting-the-message-out-social-media/p1



Outstanding tasks

  • Find and follow accounts for all the software from our software directory. So far User:Duncan has done this as far a OpenDroneMap (2020-12-21)

YouTube / Google[edit]


We should be bridging this with Twitter maybe using https://moa.party/



Letter Template[edit]

Organizational Help[edit]

This letter template is intended for sending to specific people in organisations with overlapping aims to our and whose governance structure has something to teach us. If you have a personal contact in an organisation then build on that contact rather than using this template.

This could be useful for contacting:


OSArch.org is the Open Source Architecture Project. We support Free/Libre & Open Source software for Architecture, Engineering, Construction & Building Operations. We'd like your help in strengthening our organization by learning from your organizational experience. We are young and growing rapidly. After starting in February we now have about 800 users on our forum with 300 discussion. Our wiki has about 100 pages and 100 users. It feels like we're here to stay and growing.

Now we're ready to begin thinking about an organizational and legal structure. This will allow us to seek and accept central funding, and begin sponsoring selected projects.

If you have time for a chat please let me know so we can arrange something. Alternatively just hop into our forum and announce yourself.

Our forum: https://community.osarch.org/discussions

You can read more about who we are from our wiki front page: https://wiki.osarch.org/index.php?title=Home_of_OSArch

I look forward to hearing from you

Regards Duncan

Target Publications & Sites[edit]