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Open Data directories[edit]

Name Description License
- Edp-logo.png European Data Portal The European Data Portal harvests the metadata of Public Sector Information available on public data portals across European countries. Information regarding the provision of data and the benefits of re-using data is also included. License varies
Duraark.png Durable Architectural Knowledge (site down november 2020 Duncan (talk) 18:51, 30 November 2020 (UTC))

This site contains IFC Models and Point Clouds (E57), RDF Metadata, Data schemes developed within DURAARK, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) – Services developed by DURAARK to access and handle architectural data

CC0 1.0
IfcOpenShell Public Test Files This is a collection of IFC files that are useful for testing IfcOpenShell.
OpeningDesign Projects OpeningDesign is a US-based architectural practice where all projects are conducted out-in-the-open. That is, during the development of any one project, all the content is hosted publicly on either Github or Gitlab and is open source. All team communication is conducted through public chat rooms. CC-BY-SA 4.0
The building data genome project "It is an open data set from 507 non-residential buildings that includes hourly whole building electrical meter data for one year. Each of the buildings has meta data such as or area, weather, and primary use type. This data set can be used to benchmark various statistical learning algorithms and other data science techniques. It can also be used simply as a teaching or learning tool to practice dealing with measured performance data from large numbers of non-residential buildings." MIT
Sample IFC Test Files Sample files of various formats and schema versions for testing implementations. Small files testing one things at a time. CC-BY-4.0
Open IFC Model Repository The aim of this repository a the University of Auckland, New Zealand, iss for it to be a location from which a wide variety of well analysed IFC-based data files can be sourced. There are over 100 IFC files. ?

National Directories[edit]

Name Description License
- Open Data DK Open Data DK is an association of danish councils and regions who have cooperated since 2016 to open their data via a shared data platform. It includes a variety of data from council infrastructure to socioeconomic indicators. The aim is to create transparency, support growth and innovation, and make the most of the data already available. Data includes data for some cities but is mostly in DWG/DXF format. (The site is only in Danish) License varies by dataset. Mostly commons style licenses.
Pdoc logo.png pdoc pdoc hosts open access geodata for Holland License varies
logo NSW Digital Twin The Australian state of New South Wales has a " ... Digital Twin Minimum Viable Product (MVP) platform aims to respond to the NSW State Infrastructure Strategy by developing a 4D (3D+time) Foundation Spatial Data Framework. This includes providing presentation capability which allows visualisation and interrogation of 3D and 4D data models. The goal is to help the NSW Government with infrastructure assets planning and management, integration with land use planning, data collaboration, and sharing." ?
logo Open Urban Data from Singapore Urban Analytics Lab (Singapore) curated inventory of data relevant for geospatial and urban analyses. ?
logo Netherland 3D viewer and downloads for the whole of the Netherlands in CityJSON or raw data CC-BY 4.0