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OSArch is a loosely defined community, with currently no centralized funding or legal organization. Nevertheless, we function as a community, and work together to produce output with measurable impact on the industry. In lieu of a more structured organization, this page aims to document the existing supporters of OSArch. Or, to put it another way, if we were a centralized organization, who would be our "members" be? Examples of centralized organizations are:

There are current discussions and proposals around how OSArch should be structured and how an organization would function (see also Organization), both legally, in terms of making decisions, how to prioritize resources, and how funding is managed and collected (see also Funding sources). None of this has been finalized, and users are welcome to discuss further with these link to the community discussion forum:

Advocates of OSArch[edit]

The first level of support we would like to learn about is how many people are simply advocates of OSArch activity. To be an advocate, all that means is that you have read and understood what OSArch is about and are willing to publicly put your name down as agreeing with the principles of OSArch. This can help us quantify those who support OSArch in principle, but are not currently making active contributions.

Part of being an advocate can be participation in online media like forums and social network, and helping to share and publicize the work done related to OSArch.

Name (or alias) Web reference Project
Your name here? Add yourself! A link to your website, social media pages, or other way to verify that you are not just a random word inserted into this table. If you use software that helps support OSArch, like Blender or FreeCAD, feel free to let us know which one here!
Hoss Zamani twitter IFCOpenShell, BlenderBIM, FreeCAD, Speckle, Ladybug Tools
Angelos Kontopoulos (AngKontop https://www.linkedin.com/in/angkontop Everything Open-Source Enthusiast (Blender,QGIS,FreeCad,LibreCad)
Brendan McFarlane (brendanmcfoz) http://www.wsp.com BlenderBIM, FreeCAD and others
Mucahit Bilal Goker (gokermu) https://www.linkedin.com/in/m%C3%BCcahit-bilal-g%C3%B6ker-a44451121/ Blender, BlenderBIM, GIMP and others
Lukas Alberts (lukas) https://www.linkedin.com/in/lukas-alberts-40429b7a/ understanding and evolving ifc/BIM
Fabbro Massimo (Fabbro Massimo) https://www.linkedin.com/in/massimo-fabbro-85bb7060 Passionate about Open Source

Contributors to OSArch[edit]

A contributor is an individual who is an advocate of OSArch, but in addition, also contributes to an AEC software in the AEC Free Software directory. A contribution may be financial, coding, writing documentation, running legal and hardware infrastructure, creating videos, translating, hosting events, bleeding edge bug reporting, extensive forum participation and so on. A contribution is loosely distinguished from advocacy in that it produces an output. If you're interested, you can learn how to contribute to OSArch.

It is up to you if you want to publicly disclose how much money you are financially contributing to projects that relate to OSArch goals. A financial contribution may be to one project, or many, to a single developer, or to a fund. If you publicly disclose it, we are able to transparently track the financial resources currently made available to projects, and this helps make a more informed decision on how to achieve financial sustainability for free software in the AEC industry, as right now data is difficult to obtain. Financial numbers can also help us set more realistic goals in the future.

One way our supports contribute is by managing our online presence and OSArch Digital Infrastructure.

Name (link to profile on wiki) Happy to help with Financial Residence(language)
Your Real name as a wiki link (your forum profile) What you help with or can help with Any financial contribution you make What location and (language(s))
Dion Moult (forum profile) Hosting OSArch Wiki, OSArch Community Forum, and IRC bot. Coding the BlenderBIM Add-on, and related tools in IfcOpenShell. ~70 USD per month (OSArch Infrastructure - server, BlenderBIM Add-on domain name, backup server, Sendgrid email system account) Sydney, Australia (english, )
Duncan Lithgow (forum profile) Wiki editing, advocacy, organisation 10,00 € / month FreeCAD, membership FSF $120 annual Denmark (english, danish)
Petru Conduraru (condur) Promoting Open Source for AEC through my podcast and YouTube channel, BIMvoice. I work closely with Dion to put out more content about BlenderBIM. BIMvoice YouTube Channel TBD
Ryan Schultz Bug reporting, wee bit of coding, wiki editing FreeCAD, BlenderBIM, and also exploring an (Experimental Funding Approach) Wisconsin, USA (english)
Brendon Reid (forum profile) Wiki creation, BlenderBIM bug reporting
Long Hoang Thanh (forum profile) BlenderBIM Add-on coding
Cyril Waechter AUR packager (Arch/Manjaro), coding on IfcOpenShell/BlenderBIM/FreeCAD, bug reports, videos making, wiki editing, open BIM advocating and teaching ~2000 €/year shared between IfcOpenShell/BlenderBIM/FreeCAD developers Switzerland / France

languages : french(native), english(fluent), german(not fluent)

Ioannis Christovasilis Monthly meetup coordination, Development of IfcOpenShell/Ifc2CA, Code_Aster learning material (examples, videos) 10 €/month support for OSArch/BlenderBIM Italy (english/greek/italian)
Hoss Zamani (forum profile) AU$10 /month to Dion Moult's Liberpay account for BlenderBIM
Chun (forum profile) Trying to make some UI element HKD$40 /month to Dion Moult's Liberpay account for BlenderBIM Hong Kong (Cantonese, English, Mandarin)
Andreas Vest BlenderBIM testing Undisclosed Denmark (english, danish)
Marcel Plomp BlenderBIM testing, UI concept making Undisclosed The Netherlands (dutch, english)
Stephen Leger (forum profile) Archipack core dev, blenderBim contributor Undisclosed Somewhere in europe (french, fr-english, portu-gnol)
Jan Filipec (JanF) Representation (Homepage design, maintenance), Education (BlenderBIM Wiki) Undisclosed Austria (czech, english, german)
Frederic Beaupere (fbpyr) (forum profile) coding on IfcOpenShell/BlenderBIM, OS-BlenderBIM Addons, bug reports, wiki editing, open BIM advocating and teaching Undisclosed on (pyRevit, FreeCAD) Europe (english, german)
Christoffer Grimshorn (forum profile) Communication/presentations and Blenderbim/ArchiPack testing. ~50 USD to the (https://github.com/IfcOpenShell/IfcOpenShell/issues/1153. Sweden (English, Danish, Swedish)
Laurens Oostwegel (laurensjn) (forum profile) BlenderBIM testing / anything GIS related / bug reports. Slovenia (English, Dutch)
Maarten Vroegindeweij (forum profile) Bit of Pythoncoding in GIS / Structural Engineer / Pushing the buildingindustry for financial support for FOSS 360 USD/month to FreeCAD Developers via Patreon The Netherlands(English, Dutch)
Bruno Perdigão News section of OSArch website / Blender BIM testing Brazil (English, Portuguese)
Bruno Postle (forum profile) Homemaker project (evolutionary and interactive design of buildings through Pattern Languages) Yorkshire, UK (English)
Ayodele Arigbabu (DADA_universe) (forum profile) BlenderBIM + Archipack Testing and feedback, OSArch forum participation Lagos, Nigeria (English)
Ihab El Aghoury (AGECS' CEO) BlenderBIM Testing and Refactoring + implementing Structural Items Cairo, Egypt (English, Arabic)
Denis Soto (wiki profile) Wiki translations to Spanish Buenos Aires, Argentina (Spanish, English, Portuguese)}
Kristoffer Andersen (krande) Developer of adapy. Code contributions to BlenderBIM and related CAD or structural analysis projects Oslo, Norway (English, Norwegian)
Rafael Moya (bitacovir) Contributions to FreeCAD's UI, bug reporter and translation. Contributions for OSArch Wiki (software directory, workflow directory). Chile (Spanis, English)
Yassine Oualid (Sigmadesigns) learn.osarch.org / blenderBIM Costing Module / blenderBIM Sequencing Module Morocco / United Kingdom (English, French, Spanish, Arabic)
Gonzalo Casas (gonzalocasas)(forum profile) Code contribution to COMPAS framework Switzerland (English, Spanish)
Anton Tetov Johansson (tetov)(forum profile) Code contributions to open source projects, documentation, testing and sysadmin stuff. Sweden (English, Swedish)
Peter Sande (cadgiru) Freecad/BlenderBim/Workflow/UI/Discussions/Documentation/Tutorials Bergen, Norway (English, Norwegian)

Corporate supporters[edit]

Are you part of a corporation ready to tell the world you support more libre/open source software in AEC? Let us know on the community forums and let's discuss the opportunities on what this type of relationship implies.