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"The principles of openBIM recognise that:

  • Interoperability is key to the digital transformation in the built asset industry
  • Open and neutral standards should be developed to facilitate interoperability
  • Reliable data exchanges depend on independent quality benchmarks
  • Collaboration workflows should not be limited by proprietary processes or data formats
  • Flexibility of choice of technology creates more value to all stakeholders
  • Sustainability is safeguarded by long-term interoperable data standards"

"Open BIM allows building information modelling to focus on workflow compatibility rather than the data compatibility, and means that project team members can be selected based on their capability rather than their use of a particular brand of software. As a result, team members can use the software that best suits their needs, and are better able to retain control over their own design data while still being able to collaborate with others. It also means that smaller software vendors are better able to compete with larger vendors."