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OSArch would love to be able to provide curriculum material for student and teachers to learn about the tools and processes of OpenBIM and Free Software.

We have started discussions on the forum anyone can join in. https://community.osarch.org/discussion/269/osarch-openbim-training-certification-programme

Some things pulled from the discussion:

Suggested Course Outlines[edit]

Introduction to IFC Models[edit]

By the end of the course you should:

  • Brief idea of what is IFC (see this video: What is IFC? With Dion Moult on the BIMvoice Podcast)
  • Know how to open IFC files (requirements: cross-platform, free software - so the only options are BlenderBIM Add-on / FreeCAD, I think)
  • Know how to look at the element tree to see what's in a model
  • Know how to navigate the 3D model (walking around, orbiting, zooming to fit)
  • Know how to filter elements (hiding, isolating, highlighting elements)

Introduction to OpenBIM[edit]


Our first attempt at a more engaging learning site is learn.osarch.org

Roadmap for learn.osarch.org[edit]