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Topologic is a software modelling library enabling hierarchical and topological representations of architectural spaces, buildings and artefacts through non-manifold topology. The basic premise behind Topologic is that it can help users think about their building design not only as an assembly of physical components, but as a conceptual, logical, spatial, topological, and hierarchical configuration. Once they have built and connected a robust spatial model, this can be used as a scaffolding from which to conduct spatial queries and derive more complex building components. Because the formal language of topology is well-matched to the data input requirements for applications such as energy simulation, Topologic models can be easily connected to analysis and simulation engines to predict the building’s performance. This will ultimately lead to more efficient buildings that have a lower environmental impact. Topologic operates within BIM visual programming environments: Rhino/Grasshopper and Autodesk Revit/Dynamo. More recently, a nascent effort has been initiated to bring Topologic to operate inside Blender 3D and the related Sverchok visual programming environment Topologic has been instrumental in many use cases including improving BIM software, enabling classification of graphs using machine learning, analysing fire egress using reinforcement learning, and optimising design processes through integration with blockchain technology and Non-Fungible-Tokens for Building components.Topologic has been used to optimise real multi-million euro projects.

Topologic was featured in the OSArch Monthly Meetup, you can watch the presentation online.

There is early support for Topologic in FreeCAD but it is mainly developed for Sverchok node based programming for Blender.

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