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See also the AEC Free Software directory. This page lists pages in the "Software" category of this site.


Add pages to this category by adding [[Category:Software]] to the end of the page.

Software documentation should not be added to this category. Ideally software documentation should be on the projects own site. If there is a need for AEC specific documentation please use a specific category such as Category:BlenderBIM_Add-on.

What is a software page on our wiki?[edit]

Software pages on the wiki are launch pads for more resources. OSArch doesn't aim to update most software pages with new info about features and how to use the software listed. Together we can update pages when we hear about new resources for learning. Typically the developers pages don't link to other resources outside their own - that's something we can do. A good example for how to make a new page is Inkscape. Looking at the wiki markup inside is a great way to start a new page. Please follow the style conventions of the Inkscape page. Please also make sure new software is linked from the AEC Free Software directory.

Some pages have specific information about how to use generic software for specific AEC related tasks. So feel free to find some software you know and add what you think is missing.

See a list of all categories at Special:Categories