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We help create the built environment with free software, increased transparency, and a more ethical approach.

On this wiki, we collect and share everything we know about the free technology in our industry. Every page on this website was written by people just like you.

Get Involved[edit]

Interested in OSArch initiatives, and why OSArch is so important to the design, construction, operation, and recycling of the built environment? Read more

Right now, we're looking in particular for volunteers to help with these things. If you're up for it, post on the forums and let us know!

  • We need someone to help manage the OSArch Twitter account.
  • We need someone to help design a curriculum to teach about AEC tools and OpenBIM concepts.
  • We need help with writing more wiki articles! Anybody can edit!

Explore Free Software[edit]

Did you know there's a growing list of over 100 free tools to help you do your job? Unlike proprietary software, free software will never make your digital work incompatible, obsolete, or force you into subscriptions. See the AECO Free Software Directory.

Begin your journey:

Do you want to dig deep in to AEC tech?

Use Open Standards[edit]

Open technology and standards helps our digital tools interoperate and protect you against data expiry. See what's available at the Open Data Standards Directory.

Learn about Industry Foundation Class (IFC) data concepts:

Delivering OpenBIM for facility management?

Learn how to specify data requirements with MVDs and MicroMVDs (all articles).

Stuck with proprietary software? Learn best practices and workarounds to produce industry standards compliant data.

To see a complete list of articles, check out the directories and categories.

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