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Hello there! I'm Ioannis Christovasilis, a civil/structural engineer with passion for finite-element analysis and software engineering.

I studied civil engineering (5-year Diploma studies) in the National Technical University of Athens, Greece, before setting off to the United States and the University at Buffalo to get a MSc (2006) and a PhD (2011) in Structural and Earthquake Engineering. I worked on the seismic response of timber structures participating on experimental tests of full-scale specimens and developing numerical models for the prediction of the behaviour of such structures under earthquake loads.

Since 2012, I live in Florence, Italy, and in 2015 I co-founded Aether Engineering where I am working on providing structural engineering and software development services for clients and companies in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry.

In these years I developed a great interest in open-source software, with potential for customized and automated solutions that allow to achieve more with less.

In this context, getting familiar and eventually acquiring an expertise in the use of Code_Aster, an advanced open-source finite element solver with an industrial-level validation, has been a decisive choice in helping our team achieve this objective.

In 2020, I have started being active in the open-source community contributing in the IfcOpenShell Project on a structural implementation from IFC-to-Code_Aster and lately on the implementation in BlenderBIM.

We have also been creating a series of video tutorials on the use of Code_Aster and Salome_Meca, which you can find in Aether Engineering's YouTube Channel and with al related files in a GitHub repository