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pyRevit is a Revit add-on, which let's users easily build their own Revit add-ons (Python, C#) without much build plate code or any Revit restarts, which allows for rapid development and convenient deployment.

From their github page:

"pyRevit helps you quickly sketch out your automation and add-on ideas, in whichever language that you are most comfortable with, inside the Revit environment and using its APIs. It also ships with an extensive set of powerful tools that showcase its capabilities as a development environment. Download and install pyRevit, launch Revit, and note the new pyRevit tab that includes these tools."

pyRevitMEP is a pyRevit Extension (by OSArch supporter Cyril Waechter) which include tools dedicated to MEP task in Revit. It can connect to the materialsdb database.

License: GPL3


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