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Tissue is a computational design addon that comes bundled with Blender and part of our Category:Blender_Add-ons. It allows designers to create tessellations easily with a base mesh and a component. The relationship is parametric, meaning that if either the component or the base mesh change, the tessellation can be refreshed to show the updates.

Tissue is being developed by Alessandro Zomparelli, who is a computational designer and an academic who teaches in various universities and workshops throughout the world. The best way to get familiar with what Tissue is capable of is to watch Alessandro's presentation from the 2019 Blender conference here: https://youtu.be/pVNYyJeLGZI.


  • Create tessellations with a base mesh and component easily
  • Create tessellations on a single object with multiple components based on material assignments
  • Tessellation objects contain fully parametric relationships to both the base mesh and component objects


Tissue enables computational design without having to learn how to code or use nodes. It is the fastest way from to realize complex geometrical ideas.

Learn More[edit]

Here is a youtube playlist of Tissue-related videos:

External Resources[edit]

Alessandro's social media profiles are a good place to look for inspiration of how Tissue can be used:

Other examples of Tissue's capabilities can be seen by searching for the #blendertissue tag on the various social media websites.

For architectural use cases of Tissue, The UH Studio youtube channel contains many videos that show how it can be used. Here is an example video of getting started with Tissue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fagGK8jYTJo

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