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Blender core is coded in C. Some part like Cycles are coded in C++. Python is widely used for extending Blender functionalities with scripts and addons.

(For BlenderBIM Addon specific code see BlenderBIM Add-on code examples)


Blender foundation made a video to present code structure :

Dive Into The Code (peertube)



Good introduction to python use in Blender from Curtis Holt :

Useful resource on creating custom UI with Python in Blender:

The Scripting for Artists tutorial series by Sybren Stuvel is another useful resource for learning to script with Python in Blender:

Scripting for Artists

Ditto the series by Darkfall:

Tutorial Series by Darkfall

To learn more checkout the Blender Python API documentation especially Quickstart part.

Creating custom add-ons[edit]

Creating a custom add-on is no magic. If you need help getting started, the Create your first Blender add-on tutorial will help you.

Tips and Tricks[edit]

From Blender Python API doc[edit]

Blender Python API documentation has a special Tips and Tricks chapter including external editor usage, inserting a python interpreter etc…

bpy stubs for auto-completion[edit]

Main known project which provide stubs for auto-completion is fake-bpy-module. It also provide type hints for python >= 3.7 which should allow to perform type checking (eg. mypy).