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CAD Sketcher is a constraint-based sketcher Blender Add-on that allows you to create precise 2d shapes by defining CAD geometric constraints like tangents, dimension, angles, equal and more. These Sketches are then converted into beziers or mesh which still stay editable through a fully non-destructive workflow i.e, Geometry nodes and modifiers. This makes it useful for 2d drafting

CAD Sketcher is also an open-source project which at the core believes in facilitating precision modeling within blender. They are not looking to replace CAD programs. They just want to bring CAD-like functionality to the world of mesh modeling.

This all begins with CAD Sketcher, which they hope will be the cornerstone for many other CAD-like functionalities and addons to come to the world of blender.

It is still very early days for CAD Sketcher and they are looking to nail down the basics first, for there release of 1.0.0 of CAD sketcher the addon. This includes a robust core toolset for sketching with a comfortable sketching workflow and a bug-free experience.

In the future, they are looking to take things out from the 2D space and into the 3rd dimension by adding features like sketch to sketch referencing, mesh face parametric referencing, 3-dimensional constraints and perhaps take things even a step further by exploring assemblies and if anything can be further improved with the NURBS workflow in blender.

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