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The BHoM Life Cycle Assessment Toolkit is a Grasshopper node based tool for assessing the life cycle environmental impact of materials.

"This valuable new tool, an open-source endeavor, is an accessible and data-driven framework that allows design professionals to measure embodied carbon of all elements within building design. Supported by a network of architects, engineers, and software developers who have contributed code to it, the Buildings and Habitats object Model (BHoM) boasts an impressive range of functionality that spans multiple disciplines and represents a transformative and democratic approach to measuring embodied carbon in everyday construction materials." AIA website

BHoM Life Cycle Assessment Toolkit (LCA) won the American Institute of Architects 2020 Innovation Awards.

"The LifeCycleAssessment_Toolkit functions primarily as a suite of evaluation methods that work with EPDs. We've already taken a look at the dataset and how to create one. And you may have even skipped ahead to see how to map EPDs to your BHoM objects. In this section, let's make the connection between datasets and EPDs abundantly clear. When you create a dataset node or container, you are actually accessing Environmental Product Declarations that have been saved within the BHoM as materials that can be applied to BHoM objects."

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