MicroMVDs for exchange requirements/Geometric detail MicroMVD

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The following MicroMVD vocabulary can be used to ensure that geometry is efficiently and appropriately stored in the IFC. Geometry has the single largest impact on file imports, exports, and coordination time.

Feature: Geometric detail

To allow for the efficient transfer of geometry
For any stakeholder using 3D geometry
Geometry shall use the appropriate modeling techniques

Scenario: Geometry must be efficiently modeled
 * All elements must be under "{number}" polygons

You can fill out the variables using the guide below.

Variable Example Description
{number} 500 Given that the vast majority of objects in AEC are box-like or cylindrical, most objects should not be above 500 polygons. For context, a single box is 6 polygons, and a cylinder, depending on its size, may be faceted into 18 polygons. However, many proprietary AEC applications have poor mesh support and may inefficiently translate geometry into a large number of polygons without the users intention.

Software guides[edit]

Icon Software Certified Version Notes Guides
Import Export
Icon ArchiCAD.jpg ArchiCAD N/A ArchiCAD 23
BlenderBIM Addon logo.png BlenderBIM Add-on N/A v0.0.200829
Icon FreeCAD.png FreeCAD N/A 0.19pre
Icon Revit.png Revit N/A Revit 2020.2 IFC 8/5/2020 Due to the lack of control in geometry export in Revit, and due to the serious bugs resulting in extreme filesize bloat during export, Revit is considered to have failed this MicroMVD in practice. Refer to Revit and IFC Geometry
Tekla-logo.png Tekla