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This page is unfinished. Feel free to help the project by sharing your knowledge about this subject.

Once you have some 3D geometry you can begin to investigate how it will perform in its environment.

There is a selection of tools in the Analysis and Simulation section of the main software list.

Creating meaningful building energy models (BEM) is described on the Energy Modeling page.

A powerful and mature tool-set which can run many types of analysis is Ladybug Tools which has connections to both proprietary and free/libre software projects. Read more about that on the Ladybug Tools page.

TopologicEnergy can also run basic energy analysis in Blender using topologic, openstudio, and EnergyPlus. It is 100% free and open-source.

This page is about AEC_Free_Software_directory#Analysis_and_Simulation software and the Category:Analysis_and_Simulation. This category currently includes software for Structural Analysis & Environmental Analysis.