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The following MicroMVD vocabulary can be used to ensure basic project metadata is set, as a minimum requirement for all BIM projects.

Feature: Project setup

In order to ensure quality of the digital built environment
As a responsible digital citizen
We expect compliant OpenBIM deliverables

Scenario: Receiving a file
 * IFC data must use the "{schema}" schema

Scenario: Exempt files
 * The IFC file "{file}" is exempt from being provided
 * No further requirements are specified because "{reason}"

Scenario: Project metadata is organised and correct
 * The project must have an identifier of "{guid}"
 * The project name, code, or short identifier must be "{name}"
 * The project must have a longer form name of "{long_name}"
 * The project must be described as "{description}"
 * The project must be categorised under "{object_type}"
 * The project must contain information about the "{phase}" phase

Scenario: Project geometry is stored
 * The project must contain 3D geometry representing the shape of objects

You can fill out the variables using the guide below.

Variable Example Description
{file} project.ifc The filename or path to any IFC file.
{schema} IFC4 The schema version. At the moment, these are likely to be either IFC4 or IFC2X3.
{reason} we don't need it You can write anything here to describe any reason.
{guid} 28q3AgmxP5cepIweO5Of$o This is a 22 character GlobalId for a particular IFC element.
{name} 123FOO A short project code or name used to uniquely identify the project, either specified by the client or the BIM author
{long_name} 123 Foo Street, Tower B Redevelopment The full project name used to uniquely identify the project, either specified by the client or the BIM author
{description} Redesign of southwest atrium of Tower B to a two-storey space with new interior fitout A description of what the project is about, to help clarify the project scope
{object_type} Commercial If the project is categorised as a particular arbitrary type, it may be described here. Example categories could be "Residential", "Retail", "Commercial", "Health" and "Defence". Alternatively, it could be categorised as "Civic", "Infrastructure".
{phase} A If the project is phased or staged, the phase or stage name may be placed here.

Software guides[edit]

Icon Software Certified Version Notes Guides
Import Export
Icon ArchiCAD.jpg ArchiCAD ArchiCAD 23 ArchiCAD 23 GlobalId cannot be overridden during export ArchiCAD project setup describes how to set these project attributes
BlenderBIM Addon logo.png BlenderBIM Add-on v0.0.200722 v0.0.200722
Icon FreeCAD.png FreeCAD 0.19pre 0.19pre GlobalId cannot be overridden during export. The project Name is not maintained during import.
Icon Revit.png Revit Revit 2019.2 IFC 8/5/2020 Revit 2019.2 IFC 8/5/2020 During import, the project GlobalId is maintained, but all other metadata is lost. Revit project metadata describes how to set these project attributes
Tekla-logo.png Tekla