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BuildingSMART-Logo 64x64.png This page is about MVD - Model View Definitions. Full documentation is available at the buildingSMART site. All articles in the OSArch wiki related to Model View Definitions (MVD) can be seen in the Model View Definitions (MVD) Category

The following MicroMVD vocabulary can be used to ensure classification system standards are correctly applied.

Warning: this MicroMVD is only in a draft form. It is not ready for use.

Feature: Naming

For BIM elements to integrate into existing workflows
As any stakeholder required to identify element information
Particular element attributes and properties must comply with a naming scheme

Scenario: Receiving a file
 * The IFC file "{file}" must be provided
 * IFC data must use the {schema} schema

Scenario: Specific property values must follow a pattern
 * The elements defined by '{query}' are referred to as {element_group_name}
 * The element {guid} is exempt from the group {element_group_name} because {reason}
 * All {element_group_name} elements have a {attribute} property matching the pattern {pattern}
 * All {element_group_name} elements have a {attribute} property taken from the list in {csv_file}

Scenario: Particular elements have property values that must follow a pattern
 * The element {guid} has a {attribute} property matching the pattern {pattern}
 * The element {guid} has a {attribute} property taken from the list in {csv_file}

You can fill out the variables using the guide below.

Variable Example Description
{file} project.ifc The filename or path to any IFC file.
{schema} IFC4 The schema version. At the moment, these are likely to be either IFC4 or IFC2X3.
{guid} 28q3AgmxP5cepIweO5Of$o This is a 22 character GlobalId for a particular IFC element.