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The BlenderBIM Add-on is an extension to the popular free and open-source 3D authoring package [https://blender.org/ Blender]. Both the add-on and Blender itself works on '''Linux''', '''Mac''', and '''Windows'''.
The [[BlenderBIM Add-on]] is an extension to the popular free and open-source 3D authoring package [[Blender]]. Both the add-on and Blender itself works on '''Linux''', '''Mac''', and '''Windows'''.
== Installation ==
== Installation ==
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== Uninstallation ==
== Uninstallation ==
Find the BlenderBIM Add-on entry in the <code>Edit > Preferences > Add-ons</code> window, and press the <code>Remove</code> button.
== Known issues ==
== Known issues ==
* Ubuntu Blender package 2.82.a+dfsg-1 for Ubuntu 20.04 seems to package Blender without <code>numpy</code>. You are required to install <code>numpy</code> separately.
* Clash detection relies on <code>fcl</code>, which is not currently available nor packaged for Mac. You are required to install it yourself. If you do, let us know, so we can share it with others.
* There is a conflict with LuxCoreRender 2.4 for Linux. As temporary workarround copy /home/xxx/.config/blender/2.8x/scripts/addons/BlendLuxCore/bin/libtbb.so.2 to /home/xxx/.config/blender/2.8x/scripts/addons/blenderbim/libs/libtbb.so.2
== Using the bleeding-edge version ==
== Using the bleeding-edge version ==
If you're a developer, or just really keen, it is possible to run the latest bleeding edge version of the BlenderBIM Add-on without having to wait for an official release, since the BlenderBIM Add-on is coded in Python and doesn't require any compilation. First, install the latest official release, and then download the latest source code. If you don't know how to use the "Git" system, you can [https://github.com/IfcOpenShell/IfcOpenShell/archive/v0.6.0.zip manually download the latest code]. If you know how to use Git, you can also stay up to date like so:
$ git clone https://github.com/IfcOpenShell/IfcOpenShell.git
$ cd IfcOpenShell
$ git checkout v0.6.0
Then, just copy the files from the source code's <code>src/ifcblenderexport/blenderbim/</code> folder and replace the files in your Blender add-on's <code>blenderbim/</code> folder. The location of the Blender add-on folder depends on how you installed Blender. If you downloaded Blender as a <code>.zip</code> file without running an installer, you will find the BlenderBIM add-on installed in:
Otherwise, if you installed Blender using an installation package, the add-ons folder depends on which operating system you use. On Linux:
On Mac:
/Users/{YOUR_USER}/Library/Application Support/Blender/2.83/
On Windows:
C:\Users\{YOUR_USER}\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\2.83\scripts\addons
Restart Blender for the changes to take effect. In Edit > Preferences > Add-ons you will see that the version number of BlenderBIM has changed to 0.0.999999, which represents an un-versioned BlenderBIM.
Although the BlenderBIM Add-on itself is pure Python, it does have quite a few dependencies. These are installed in the <code>libs/</code> folder of the BlenderBIM Add-on. On rare occasions, it is possible that one of these dependencies have been updated to a later version. In this case, simply replacing the BlenderBIM Add-on files will not be sufficient, and you may experience and error in enabling the add-on or running particular features.
If you are a developer, you can watch for changes in the [https://github.com/IfcOpenShell/IfcOpenShell/blob/v0.6.0/src/ifcblenderexport/Makefile Makefile], and run the appropriate command to build your own add-on version depending on your platform:
$ make dist PLATFORM=linux
$ make dist PLATFORM=macos
$ make dist PLATFORM=win
If you are not a developer, it is advised to wait for the next official release. Whenever a release comes out, it is advised to also uninstall the BlenderBIM Add-on, and install the official release, before returning to the bleeding-edge version.
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