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This page describes an example workflow. See similar pages visit the example workflow category

Open Source House by Studiolada[edit]

The OpenSource House by Studiolada is a compact residential project by French architecture practice studiolada

The project has been features on many architecture and design websites: archdaily, countryliving, stylepark

A group of FreeCAD users have begun reconstructing the project as a way to drive knowledge and development in FreeCAD. Feel free to join them and learn how it's done!

Open Source House by Studiolada ARCH 2020-05-04.png Open Source House by Studiolada FEM 2020-05-20.JPG

Wikilab project by uncreated[edit]

The Wikilab project (2017) designed by architecture network and built. You can read about the Wikilab and about the Wikilab files (EN) and then download the Wikilab files/translate site. You can even View the model in 3d. The wikilab project uses the wikihouse construction principles. Feel free to take a look at the PDF presentation of the wikilab (in Portuguese).

Wikilab drawing.jpgWikihouse presentation p7.jpg

Architecture 3D models created in FreeCAD[edit]


The Mad Scientists Lair[edit]

The Mad Scientists Lair is a fictional project we are just starting which can be a technology showcase for libre software solutions.

Mad scientist house.png Mad scientist house plan.png


Family house designed by a FreeCAD user (szzer) and documented in the FreeCAD official forum.

Project's repo

FreeCAD forum discussion