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OSArch Mission Statement[edit]

IMHO Workflow centrist rather than software centrist.


  • Produce high quality standard OpenBIM output (models) instead of relying on a proprietary formats.
  • Encourage high quality OpenBIM output based on open standards rather than relying on a proprietary formats.
  • Minimize data loss when integrating with other software
  • Maximize use of standard locations, providing ease of analysis and discovery.


  • Integrate a multitude of specialised tools into the design and engineering process, rather than being limited to a single platform, resulting in better design, using the right tool for the job, and more flexibility of contracts.
  • Reuse the model to minimise investigative works, or minimise risk during refurbishments. Just as building works expect CAD plans of existing buildings, we will expect OpenBIM models of existing buildings in the future.
  • Verify building performance data, such as environmental and architectural design intentions, with the original intents recorded in the BIM model, and perform in-house big data analytics on BIM data which otherwise wouldn't be possible with proprietary BIM.
  • Continue to use your BIM data well into the future with no vendor lock-in, no expensive licensing or subscripion fees, and with complete flexibility of your company's digital pipeline.

Based on Copy from [Why provide openbim model]

Promoting Standards[edit]

Promoting standards for interoperability is absolutely the way to go.

Standards however are never worth anything without user adoption them. Would like to propose revitalizing STEP as a standard for storage and transfer of 2d geometry.

Chat from Monthly Meetup Jan 9th[edit]

lukas started or already done?

21:06 pjanck What if the IFC file defines the color/material of the entity in question, e.g. an instance of IfcWall? What is the licence of IFC.js?

21:31 duncan MIT

21:32 Rafael(bitacovir) 👏 👏 👏

21:43 pMB Good! Bravo!

21:43 Bruno Postle Thanks, a great presentation. IFC supports CSG objects, Boolean subtraction, complex lofting and extrusions, do you support all of this?

21:47 lukas alberts how far away would be BCF support?

21:48 Rafael(bitacovir) Do you plan to develop more open source software for BIM / AEC industry?

21:50 Ayo (DADA_universe) Any specific choice for going with Three.Js? Do you see a similar implementation with Babylon.Js being done along similar lines to what you've done?

21:50 lukas alberts CAPMO (Munich) would need it.

21:57 pjanck ifcopenshell & xBIM both provide a geometry viewer, I think

22:02 Cyril ifcopenshell can convert to many format

22:02 duncan

22:02 Thomas Good job guys!

22:04 duncan

22:06 lukas alberts conformity checking to local regulations?

22:07 Ryan Schultz i think

22:10 Cyril @Ryan yes exactly

22:16 lukas alberts we have colors from the homepage?

22:18 Cyril the color and the letter lol

22:18 pjanck Thank you guys for an informative session. Will join you next month! Good night from Europe!

22:19 duncan bye :_)

22:20 lukas alberts so, hurry..

22:22 Ryan Schultz does turning off streaming video help with improving audio?

22:32 andrea maybe add some features inside IFC.js similar to Graphisoft's BIMx? with the possibility to link a 3d model to the project sheet.

22:42 pls do

22:44 Xavier Sanchez yes

22:44 Bruno Postle yes go ahead

22:44 iosvarms yes interested

22:44 Cyril All the components that together make Blender are compatible under the newer GNU GPL Version 3. That is also the license to use for any distribution of Blender binaries.

22:47 Jesusbill Dion you can stop sharing 😃

22:53 Cyril dwg trueview 774 Mio… Autodesk…

22:55 Moult

22:59 iosvarms I think decentralization is the way to go with regards to funding. people will donate to a product they like. osarch supports/promotes multiple product. it makes it difficult to manage if funds come into osarch.

23:03 is there anything to be learned from

23:06 Moult peter it's a little tricky since blender has a very straightforward product to support - whereas osarch is kinda like an network

23:08 lukas alberts good night, keep healthy

23:09 Xavier Sanchez Thank you!

23:09 Bruno Postle thanks all

23:09 apemann thanks all

23:10 pMB hi and thx for all

23:10 richie Thanks for the presentation. Thanks all.

23:10 iosvarms bye

23:10 Jesusbill great thanks

23:10 😃 Type a message

Chat from Monthly Meetup December 5th[edit]

Cyril Hi there 20:59 Ioannis @Jesusbill hi 20:59 Andrew Peel Hello 20:59 G-Tchahba Hello everyone 21:01 Sam Romeo Was Fluid Designer Based on Blender? 21:08 Cyril I am almost sure that the answer is yes :

But let Andrew answer

21:09 arquiguru Ceilings would be great too! Wow, love this

21:25 jamesjky Hey Andrew, is there a 3d to 2d drawings feature in the pipeline? I thought I saw something like that on your youtube channel

21:26 G-Tchahba Can we able to use Archipack Pro with PyClone?

21:29 arquiguru That's great! Looks so simple also

21:33 Carlo Really impressive

21:33 arquiguru Where do you want to go with this? What are the next "assets"?

21:39 Sam Romeo Can you have a BlenderBim Tab in Your Assembly Dialogue?

21:40 arquiguru You have walls. Are you going to implement beams, slabs and columns?

21:40 G-Tchahba Is there a 3d animation and 3D printing( Architecturale) feature in your roadmap?

21:41 arquiguru ❤️ This looks kind of similar to how Archicad works. I love it

21:42 G-Tchahba Thank you for answers. 👍

21:42 Bas Gutwein "Baswein" Amazing setup! Do you have any sense of the timeline for when Blender will implement the asset manager?

21:43 arquiguru Linking scenes sounds good

21:44 Sam Romeo Like an xref?

21:44 arquiguru This is optimized for Eevee and Cycles, am I right?

21:45 jamesjky hard question but good answer! 😄

21:46 arquiguru Check out Archicad objects!

21:47 Bruno Postle Kitchen cabinets have some standard sizes, but everything else is manufacturer-specific - do you plan to support particular manufacturers?

21:50 Carlo I was going to ask the same Bruno

21:52 Meetlat There is a addon that automaticly change level of detail

21:52 G-Tchahba How to setup (draw) curved wall,door and window?

21:52 Meetlat Types instead of instances

21:53 DADA_universe (Ayo) I think the Blender Asset Manager is already available in Blender 2.92 Alpha. I did see a video about it.

21:54 Bas Gutwein "Baswein" I think that the question was not so much concerned with poly count but rather too much detail that makes it seem like the design decisions have already been made. So maybe a blank style that shows only the space it takes and some other simple features.

21:55 Sam Romeo Andrew, Congratulation, as an end-user (a Builder) you make your program very usable and easy to understand, while still having the flexibility to have very advanced Parameters and Properties customization available and easily accessible

21:55 arquiguru What about dynamic components. Opening, closing doors and cabinets. Is it possible? 😃

21:59 Meetlat That looks simple!

22:07 Cyril Thank you very much for the presentation Andrew !

22:09 Andrew Peel Thank you!

22:09 LaurensJN Thank you Andrew for the really nice demonstration!

22:09 Meetlat Thanks for the presentation

22:09 Bas Gutwein "Baswein" Thanks Andrew very exciting!

22:09 Andrew Peel Thanks!

22:10 Carlo Thanks, very inspiring presentation!

22:10 jamesjky i second Ryan

22:11 Ioannis @Jesusbill I also agree

22:11 Cyril 👍

22:11 Sam Romeo No Probs

22:12 Bas Gutwein "Baswein" recording is fine for me

22:12 lukas alberts everybody can join anonymously

22:13 jamesjky 👍

22:13 arquiguru The Twich sessions each Monday!

22:16 Ioannis @Jesusbill yes 👍

22:16 Sam Romeo Sorry I am new where are the Designs?

22:21 Moult

footer has a link to the social media

22:23 Ioannis @Jesusbill

22:23 Moult

22:23 Cyril live streaming will be available soon on Peertube

22:23 arquiguru Sorry, I think you can share publications with a Company Page I'm looking at this

22:25 Ioannis @Jesusbill you can make posts but you cannot look at the posts of others and share them (I think)

22:27 Moult footer link updated and now links to the company linkedi n page

22:27 arquiguru You can share other people´s posts with a linkedin ¨company page¨. Just like Facebook, you find a cool post, click ¨Share¨ then select your company profile from a dropdown, and share the post as a company

22:30 Cyril

22:30 Ioannis @Jesusbill oh ok sounds great I didn't know that 😃

22:31 arquiguru look, Ioannis

22:32 Cyril Example of share in FreeCAD :

22:32 Duncan @Cyril yes, teams thanks

22:33 Ioannis @Jesusbill yes yes I also tried it. Thanks. You are absolutely right

22:33 Moult

22:37 Bas Gutwein "Baswein" QGIS does a grant funding program- they collect funds over the year and then people put in proposals

22:37 jamesjky hahaha liked that one Dion

22:41 Moult 😄 like a charity navigator 😃

22:43 iosvarms I think OSArch should focus on specific apps/products/addo-ns/software

22:43 jamesjky but that would destroy the irony! 😦

22:43 iosvarms there has to be a way to streamline how funding is sourced. Many options and not been focused would make things difficult imo 22:46 arquiguru Yeah, 2D is like low commitment open source. It's hard to migrate to FreeCAD or BlenderBIM but everyone is looking for Autocad alternatives because some barely use it

22:47 DADA_universe (Ayo) We probably should build a system where OSArch developers / apps could register their projects on a dashboard that could function as a leaderboard of sorts where projects get ranked through a weighted system (involving votes from members, external validation, etc.......needs to be figured out) funds collected through LibrePay for examplle can be disbursed out quarterly based on this dashboard and the dashboard can serve other purposes as well.

22:48 arquiguru CYPE just released a free software to make 2d floorplans from IFC files btw

22:48 Moult arquiguru -

22:49 arquiguru Let me look it up Recently they also released Cype Architecture for free

22:51 iosvarms exactly @ducan. very correct

22:52 Cyril @arquiguru free as in free beer but not freedom

22:53 arquiguru Yeah sorry I forgot to add that

22:53 Duncan @isovarms exactly what?

22:53 iosvarms @duncan the funders may want to donate to engineering (structural, MEP) and not architecture

22:55 Duncan ah, okay

22:55 arquiguru Or maybe Osarch can work as an ¨accelerator¨

22:55 lukas alberts the open-source money has to go to open-source projects. the universities have that money. how can OSarch participate, without being an institution. Dion needs to be professor 😃

22:56 iosvarms there are many alternatives (FLOSS) for architects, but few for engineering and quantity surveying

22:56 Bas Gutwein "Baswein" Here is an axample of a croudfunding campaign

22:57 DADA_universe (Ayo) @arquiguru OSArch as an accelerator, now that's a thought!

22:58 Cyril 👍

22:59 arquiguru Yeah, my GF is CEO of a local incubator/accelerator for startups and I'm trying to think about something akin OSArch as an incubator or accelarator would offer an incubation process for existing projects. They would compete for a prize/fund/grant. Pre-incubation process goes like this: business model, branding, legal stuff, and so on, and finally a pitch phase. The process ends with a Demo day, with a jury and the winner gets a prize and an incubation process where you work with mentors to further develop your project.

23:02 Moult JanF wants to speak?

23:03 arquiguru So Epic, Blender Foundation or whatever know they are putting their money on something real

23:03 Moult i've got to run running off now 😃 seeya later guys!

23:06 arquiguru bye!

23:06 Ioannis @Jesusbill bye

23:06 Bas Gutwein "Baswein"

23:06 Duncan a "Corporate Pledge"

23:08 jamesjky Hey thanks for the great talk about your project Andrew, and the discussion everzon gotta run, bye!

23:09 Ioannis @Jesusbill bye

23:10 arquiguru MyAnonamouse has that banner thing 😄

23:13 iosvarms hahaha

23:14 arquiguru Bye!

23:15 iosvarms bye

23:15 Bruno Postle bye

23:15 Bas Gutwein "Baswein" thanks!

23:15 lukas alberts bye

23:15 arquiguru Thanks Andrew!!! Great work!!! Andrew, what's your twitter handle? Wasnt me 😄

23:16 Will do 23:16 😃 Type a message

Chat from Monthly Meetup November 7th[edit]

iosvarms Hello everyone 20:58 Ioannis @Jesusbill Hi

21:00 Cyril Hi there

21:00 Laurens Oostwegel Hi

21:01 Cyril Three vertical dots bottom right to change your name

21:02 Xavier Sanchez Hello

21:02 Moult does bim360's and aconex's viewer also do server side rendering?

21:41 Xavier Sanchez It's like Home Assistant. I'm already running at my house. Very nice to learn a lot.

21:55 Thomas Kumlehn (Germany) @maximilian please tell your it pals at htw that visiting your project site is tricky, because of a missing or bad SSL certificate

21:57 RWA108 is the recording being restarted

22:06 Ioannis @Jesusbill yes for some reason it stopped by itself

22:07 RWA108 👍

22:07 arquiguru Maybe a "Getting Started" section. Get Involved doesn't quite explains it

22:15 iosvarms I think the "How to" principle for naming is the way to go.

22:17 arquiguru That's more user centered, yes. Basics of UX Design: what questions they are asking, what challenges are they facing, what would be a win for the user? (How to...)

22:18 Xavier Sanchez I just discovered the wiki. Very interesting information there.

22:21 Duncan Here's an example of the Cameleon skin for mediawiki:

22:22 arquiguru Regarding Stackoverflow web design, there's a site that uses the same format (voting system, etc) and focuses on BIM (mostly Revit though), it's called

(spanish only). Justf FYI. I don't know if this is any better than a forum format

22:24 Moult making a list since i'm forgetting: 1) reskin wiki with colours and funky graphics! 2) use "how to" terminology to rename articles, 3) create new workflow category, 4) new page about introductory /generic FOSS tools like libreoffice please reach out to any academic institution you have connections to, and point them to OSArch - we can see how we can collaborate

22:26 Duncan @Moult we have a workflow category

22:26 Moult nice! didn't see that

22:26 Duncan list of categories:

22:26 Moult btw blenderbim/freecad now being introduced in Achen University (sp?) i sent out an email to bond university (first bim course in australia) yesterday i sent one to sydney university about half a year ago and was ignored 😃

22:28 arquiguru @Moult what's the "speech" when reaching out academic institutions?

22:28 Moult @arquiguru i didn't have one, since I had contacts at both, so it was casual 😃

22:29 iosvarms you need to have some sort of relationship to get academics to listen to things like that 😃

22:30 arquiguru I'm asking because I used to teach at our national faculty and I have reach too. They are fans of QGis but then also encourage the use of Rhino and stay away from Blender for some reason (maybe they don't know it)

22:30 Cyril Can you write done the name of the platform you talk about Duncan ?

22:31 Moult EdX

22:31 Duncan edX & Moodle

22:32 Cyril Thanks

22:32 Duncan

22:32 arquiguru About academia: I've been eyeing this for a while. I think this is the sort of things that are essential to conquer academia

22:35 Moult @arquiguru that's a great link! Please post it in the forum thread so we don't lose track

22:36 Ioannis @Jesusbill very nice really

22:37 arquiguru I completed the form but never received the curriculum so I'm not sure but I think stuff like this is essential to "sell" OSArch to Universities. I will post it in the forum

22:38 Moult hehehehe "the less markety the website, the more i trust the foss" 😃 that's my rule of thumb

22:38 Duncan 😄

22:40 Maybe a BlenderBim Meetup is overdue?

22:42 Duncan here's the page on Matrix:

22:43 Moult agree! 😃 is somebody keeping notes of the conclusions from thi smeeting? there's very good ideas and i hope we don't forge tthem!

22:46 😃 Type a message

arquiguru what happened in june wow and what happened in oct 4 Yes. Go openbim. Go opensource 😄

Chat from Monthly Meetup September 5th[edit]

Duncan HI everyone!

21:56 Cadgiru comment to loannis, before we leave the topic

22:15 Ioannis sure

22:18 Cadgiru waiting to but in

22:19 Cyril Hi, I wasn't able to join on time.

22:28 Bruno Postle Hi I could show you a project I have been working on with Blender Sverchok

22:29 Cyril 👍 I think :

  • An organisation should be setup
  • This organisation should be set in a country which not fear patent trolls (not US etc…)

22:44 Cadgiru osArch banner page... The Open-Source Architecture Community brings together like-minded users and developers who share a common goal: that the built environment can be designed, constructed, operated, and recycled with (free software) Open Source, increased transparency, and a more ethical approach.

22:51 Duncan osgeo

22:58 lukas alberts we need to share the work on several shoulders.. and somewhen this will cost. we can run osarch as is..and parallely have some official organisation..which could collect fundings and take care of the back-office of osarch. start with some legal text , then one will see who adheres.

23:06 Cadgiru comment... Often find more in community page.. Think Useful information on community should be Extracted and organized in the wiki. If organized, MediaWiki should be able to cater for all these needs...

23:12 lukas alberts how much is the website.. how much is a database with search engine.. it is all about the good search engine..

23:12 Ioannis YouTube video from Dion's channel on SVG construction documentation - Work In Progress

23:16 Cyril These project will help to build a complete workflow :

23:19 Cadgiru @duncan 👍 Categories 👍

23:24 Duncan 👍 23:27 Cadgiru And would not having detailed examples of such workflows (detailed Tutorials) be a natural part of such a wiki...

23:29 Cyril I'll open pages for workflows for building energy modeling and HVAC. Describing theoritical workflows and fill actual workflow over time.

23:29 Cadgiru Off Topic opinion... Blender has a more creative approach than most CAD or BIM authoring Tools.. Implementing a Bim workflow in blender makes sense from this point of view.

23:32 lukas alberts orange3, dataminig tool, may help sorting categories.