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OSArch Mission Statement[edit]

IMHO Workflow centrist rather than software centrist.


  • Produce high quality standard OpenBIM output (models) instead of relying on a proprietary formats.
  • Encourage high quality OpenBIM output based on open standards rather than relying on a proprietary formats.
  • Minimize data loss when integrating with other software
  • Maximize use of standard locations, providing ease of analysis and discovery.


  • Integrate a multitude of specialised tools into the design and engineering process, rather than being limited to a single platform, resulting in better design, using the right tool for the job, and more flexibility of contracts.
  • Reuse the model to minimise investigative works, or minimise risk during refurbishments. Just as building works expect CAD plans of existing buildings, we will expect OpenBIM models of existing buildings in the future.
  • Verify building performance data, such as environmental and architectural design intentions, with the original intents recorded in the BIM model, and perform in-house big data analytics on BIM data which otherwise wouldn't be possible with proprietary BIM.
  • Continue to use your BIM data well into the future with no vendor lock-in, no expensive licensing or subscripion fees, and with complete flexibility of your company's digital pipeline.

Based on Copy from [Why provide openbim model]

Chat from Monthly Meetup September 5th[edit]

Duncan HI everyone!

21:56 Cadgiru comment to loannis, before we leave the topic

22:15 Ioannis sure

22:18 Cadgiru waiting to but in

22:19 Cyril Hi, I wasn't able to join on time.

22:28 Bruno Postle Hi I could show you a project I have been working on with Blender Sverchok

22:29 Cyril 👍 I think :

  • An organisation should be setup
  • This organisation should be set in a country which not fear patent trolls (not US etc…)

22:44 Cadgiru osArch banner page... The Open-Source Architecture Community brings together like-minded users and developers who share a common goal: that the built environment can be designed, constructed, operated, and recycled with (free software) Open Source, increased transparency, and a more ethical approach.

22:51 Duncan osgeo

22:58 lukas alberts we need to share the work on several shoulders.. and somewhen this will cost. we can run osarch as is..and parallely have some official organisation..which could collect fundings and take care of the back-office of osarch. start with some legal text , then one will see who adheres.

23:06 Cadgiru comment... Often find more in community page.. Think Useful information on community should be Extracted and organized in the wiki. If organized, MediaWiki should be able to cater for all these needs...

23:12 lukas alberts how much is the website.. how much is a database with search engine.. it is all about the good search engine..

23:12 Ioannis YouTube video from Dion's channel on SVG construction documentation - Work In Progress

23:16 Cyril These project will help to build a complete workflow :

23:19 Cadgiru @duncan 👍 Categories 👍

23:24 Duncan 👍 23:27 Cadgiru And would not having detailed examples of such workflows (detailed Tutorials) be a natural part of such a wiki...

23:29 Cyril I'll open pages for workflows for building energy modeling and HVAC. Describing theoritical workflows and fill actual workflow over time.

23:29 Cadgiru Off Topic opinion... Blender has a more creative approach than most CAD or BIM authoring Tools.. Implementing a Bim workflow in blender makes sense from this point of view.

23:32 lukas alberts orange3, dataminig tool, may help sorting categories.