BlenderBIM Add-on Setting up a BIM Project

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Project structure

Each Project using BIM needs to be set up with the proper structure. BlenderBIM uses the open data structure of IFC. As with almost everything with BlenderBIM, you can do that either manually from Blender itself, or use the specialized commands provided by the add-on.

Project schema directory

The fastest way to create the project structure is to use the BlenderBIM add-on "Quick project setup" feature. To do that, you first need to select the proper template to be applied when the project structure is set up. This template lies in the so-called project schema directory, which is by default set to BLENDER_ADDONS_DIR⁄blenderbim⁄schema⁄. You can choose the project schema directory in Blender under Scene > Building Information Modeling > Schema Directory.

The default folder is prepackaged with the IFC4 schema and you can download different schema from the buildingSMART website. However, unless you are an IFC guru, you shouldn’t have to touch this.

Project data directory

You can choose the project data directory in Blender under Scene > Building Information Modeling > Data Directory.

The data directory holds the auxiliary data related to your IFC model. Examples include related property definitions, documents, and classification systems. Each project should have its own data directory. It defaults to the data directory in the BLENDER_ADDONS_DIR⁄blenderbim⁄data⁄ folder, which comes with some example preset data. You are encouraged to copy this template and set your own.

Quick project setup

You can find the command in Blender under Scene > Building Information Modeling > System Setup. This will create a basic spatial tree. It will create a tree of collections with the structure IfcProject > IfcSite > IfcBuilding > IfcStorey This is merely for convenience instead of having to create it all by yourself, since all IFC exports require a valid spatial tree. You can see the tree of collections in the outliner when this is done.

Quick Project Setup, Schema and Data directories