Revit type products

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The following attributes may be filled.

Note that the shared parameter names used for these parameters, such as Ifcname, are not in CapsCase format. This is because Revit only allows you to create parameters either as a type or instance parameter, but not both. As the parameter names are hardcoded in the Revit IFC exporter, we have established a convention of using CapsCase for instance parameters, and Capitalised for type parameters.

Attribute Name Required Procedure
Name Yes By default, Revit exports the family's Type Name value. If these values match the codes used in schedules and annotation tags, your Name attribute will be correctly filled. In the likely event that this isn't the case (e.g. you are tagging a Type Mark field or other custom parameter), you will need to create a new Ifcname type parameter, assigned to the object.
Description Yes Create a new Ifcdescription type parameter, assigned to the object.