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The following attributes may be filled.

Note that the shared parameter names used for these parameters, such as IfcName[Type], need to have [Type] as a suffix. It may be required to update to the latest IFC exporter, as the one shipped by Revit has a bug where type attributes are ignored.

Attribute Name Required Procedure
Name Yes By default, Revit exports the family's type joined with the Type Name value (e.g. Basic Wall:Block Wall - 140). If you enable the Use Type name only for IFCType name option in the export Advanced settings tab, this will be simplified to just the type name (e.g. Block Wall - 140). The IFC requirement is to fill in the Name attribute with the codes used in schedules and annotation tags (e.g. BLK140). In the likely event that this isn't the case (e.g. you are tagging a Type Mark field or other custom parameter), you will need to create a new IfcName[Type] type parameter, assigned to the object, and tag that in your drawings instead of Type Mark or otherwise.
Description Recommended Create a new IfcDescription[Type] type parameter, assigned to the object.
ApplicableOccurrence It seems not possible to assign this, despite the IfcApplicableOccurrence[Type] shared parameter being distributed by Autodesk.
ElementType Create a new IfcElementType[Type] type parameter, assigned to the object.
PredefinedType Recommended Create a new IfcExportType[Type] type parameter, assigned to the object. The value is case insensitive.