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This page is unfinished. Feel free to help the project by sharing your knowledge about this subject.

Completely New to Free and Open Source Software?[edit]

If completely new to Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) it may help to first get an initial understanding about Free and Open Source Software by referencing this link to the Open Source Software page on -Wikipedia.

It states "Open-source software (OSS) is a type of computer software in which source code is released under a license in which the copyright holder grants users the rights to use, study, change, and distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose."

The page also covers elements of the history of OSS and explaining key principles like OSS Licensing, it also provides links to key organizations and pages on related topics.

Have Confidence in Open Source Software for professional use in AEC practice[edit]

While getting a basic understanding of Open Source Software (OSS) one may be wondering can it be relied upon for professional use? In time a short overview of why OSS can be relied upon for professional use may be placed here.

For now one might find reassurance in OSS through the fact that in December 2000, the European Commission defined a strategy concerning the internal use of Open Source Software (OSS) - European Commission Open Source Strategy: History.

Furthermore on 21 October 2020 The European Commission adopts its new Open Source Software Strategy 2020-2023 - European Commission Open Source Software Strategy 2020-2023

Open Source Software does not require an Open Source Operating Systems[edit]

Many Open Source Software can be installed on commercial proprietor operating systems and it is not necessary to also use an open source operating system like - Linux to take ones first steps in using Open Source Software Professionally.

Starting to use Open Source Software[edit]

Once one has a basic understanding of Open Source Software (OSS) a potentially good way to begin using OSS could be to first start use one of the many Open Source Software options for general purpose tasks, like those for word processing or spreadsheet work. Through doing this one should see that in many cases the Open Source Software can perform in the same way or even better than commercial proprietor software in executing the professional AEC tasks at hand.

It is intended that in time this page will hold a selection of general purpose OSS that could be considered for use in an professional AEC Office.

For now one could start to find options for general purpose OSS by checking out AlternativeTo website where the name of a software package one might already be using can be entered and a search run for open source and free alternatives.

Table of selected general purpose Open Source Software[edit]

It is intended that in time a short table will be places here with suggested OSS for general purpose tasks in a professional AEC office.

General Purpose Open Source Software for an AEC Office[edit]

General Purpose AEC Office selected options (This table is under development)

Type Logo Name & link Description License
Operating System W CAE Linux A full live Linux distribution with open-source CAD/CAM software such as FreeCAD, LibreCAD, PyCAM and CAE softwares like Salomé, Code_Aster, Code_Saturne, Calculix, OpenFOAM and Elmer. - MPL 2.0
Word processing W - Libre Office Y - MPL 2.0
Spreadsheets W - Libre Office Y - MPL 2.0
PDF Viewer & markup W -Okular Y LGPL-2.0
PDF Creator & Printer W ?PDF-Creator? Y Z
Email W -Thunderbird Y -???
Calendar / schedule W -Thunderbird Y -???
Internet Browser W -Firefox Y - MPL 2.0
Video Meetings W -Signal desktop Y ?GPL-3.0?
Mobile Messaging W - Signal Mobile app Y ?GPL-3.0?
Diagram Software and Flowchart Maker W is an open source technology stack for building diagramming applications, and the world’s most widely used browser-based end-user diagramming software. Available online ... and offline (Desktop version). [?]

Training in Selected General Purpose Open Source Software[edit]

It is intended that in time this page will also hold some Links to a selection of external general purpose OSS learning resources.