OSArch Digital Infrastructure

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On this page you can see who manages and has access to different critical parts of our digital infrastructure.

There is also a page on who maintains our social media presence.

Updated 2021




Live chat

We have both a Matrix room and an IRC channel (bridged together). The IRC channel is on Libera.Chat and named #OSArch. The Matrix room is on Matrix.org's homeserver and is also named #OSArch. OSArch is a registered project under the Libera.Chat network, kindly registered by Libera staff member Christian (Fuchs).

Administration Matrix: Duncan Lithgow (dunlit on Matrix), Dion Moult (moult on IRC), Anton Tetov (tetov on Matrix and tetov-irc on IRC)

Administration IRC: Dion Moult (moult on IRC),

We can claim Libera channels using /msg ChanServ CLAIM #channel, and access the private Libera channel #libera-communities for other registered projects and communities.

For those on Matrix who want to use Libera-related benefits, such as claiming channels or IP cloaks, you would have to register a nickserv account on Libera and be identified to it, which is possible through Matrix using this guide.