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Possible points for discussion
Possible points for discussion

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Next Meetup

The next monthly meetup is 4th July

If you're up for next one, add yourself to the spreadsheet and if you add your email too, I'll send around a reminder email: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19EzmthOp5hGYFTZCgOIm51n7hvcp_F8nB_XLYeTJ0zU/edit#gid=0

Presentation: Homemaker, evolving houses with Perl, with Bruno Postle


  1. <none>

Possible points for discussion

  1. BlenderBIM logo
  2. Pros/cons different modelling paradigms solid/nerbs/mesh (duncan would love for someone to give a presentation on this subject)
  3. Introduction to IFC (why IFC in open source, introduction to IfcOpenShell, different implementations in Blender and FreeCAD, goals for Ifc support in the near future)
  4. A quick preview of new FreeCAD BIM WB experimental tools

Previous meetups

June 6th 2020

Recording: https://peertube.social/videos/watch/e93aaf55-b987-4769-8bac-b57f174e7ccc

Presentation: Jesusbill gave an introduction to Salome Meca and other engineering goodness!


  1. We talked about the Mission Statement Follow up: ([User:Duncan] will make a new draft with more attention to ethical consideration adn other small refinements from the discussion thread.
  2. We talked briefly about the challenges and goals FreeMVD round-tripping (Ryan, Yorik, Moult). We also discussed whether this should be a future keynote topic. Follow up: up to the FreeMVD people
  3. We discussed briefly starting a website with an attractive front page to give people a very quick idea of what we're trying to do. We talked about it maybe focusing on some examples workflows for different audiences. Maybe those workflows are not ready/documentet to present yet in an attractive way. Follow up: there is a general invitation for anyone to do a mock up of how a website front page might look.
  4. There was a quick mention about possible collaboration with Measure-It-ARCH & Archipack Blender Add-on. Follow up: Moult, globalcitizen, kevancress, and stephen-l will discuss this.

May 2nd 2020

Recording: Peertube YouTube

Presentation: Yorik presented the current state of FreeCAD BIM

Notes, things we discussed

  • a mission statement (see forum thread)
  • finding a real world project to work on
  • roundtripping data (BlenderBIM <> FreeCAD)
  • sample content like Yoriks Barcelona Pavillion

April 4th 2020

Recording: Peertube YouTube

Presentation: Moult presented the current state of BlenderBIM