MicroMVDs for exchange requirements/Construction types MicroMVD

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The following MicroMVD vocabulary can be used to ensure IFC elements are categorised by construction type.

Feature: Construction types

In order to quickly determine typical construction types of elements
For procurement and coordination of subcontractors during construction and fabrication
Each element should be assigned to a relevant typical construction type

Scenario: Receiving a file
 * The IFC file "{file}" must be provided
 * IFC data must use the {schema} schema

Scenario: All elements need to have a construction type assigned
 * Construction type names must be unique
 * The following construction types are approved:
   | IFC Element Type | Name   |
   | {ifc_class}      | {name} |

You can fill out the variables using the guide below.

Variable Example Description
{file} project.ifc The filename or path to any IFC file.
{schema} IFC4 The schema version. At the moment, these are likely to be either IFC4 or IFC2X3.
{guid} 28q3AgmxP5cepIweO5Of$o This is a 22 character GlobalId for a particular IFC element.
{ifc_class} IfcWallType This case insensitive text value must correspond to the full name of an IFC class. This must be an IfcElementType class.
{name} CON01 Any valid label that is used to tag or annotate construction types on drawings or schedules.