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GNU Free Software The Open-Source Architecture Community brings together like-minded users and developers who share a common goal: that the built environment can be designed, constructed, operated, and recycled with free/libre software and open-source software with increased transparency, and a more ethical approach. Open Source Initiative

We encourage the community to share what they're working on, use more free software in what is currently a proprietary-dominated market, and learn more about what's out there.

For community discussion, visit the OSArch Community Forum and read about our Monthly Meetup.

This wiki is brand-new. Please expect changes. Please feel free to contribute! See How to contribute to OSArch.

A good way to find what's on this site is to browse the directories below and the list of categories.

AEC resource directories

The AECO Free Software Directory is at the core of this project, enjoy browsing our directory for interesting solutions and let us know if you've overlooked anything.

Open Data Standards and their file formats allow different software packages to communicate, here's where you can read about them.

Open Data is great for testing and experimenting so we're collecting link to these resources.

Standards organizations play an important role in creating the Open Data Standards OpenBIM relies on

Academic Papers and articles out there can help you gain an understanding of the industry and where free software can play a role in AECO

Featured images will show you the most impressive visual examples of what free software can do for AECO.


We are actively looking for examples of real-world projects we can share. Know a project? Get in touch with us on the OSArch forum!

AECO Workflow Examples

OpenBIM and IFC

Industry Foundation Class (IFC) is the main data schema for OpenBIM data. See all pages in the IFC category

Model View Definitions (MVD)s and MicroMVDs are subsets of the IFC data schema for specific purposes See all pages in the Model View Definitions (MVD) category

Software specific resources

See also

Learning material

Getting started on this wiki