BlenderBIM Add-on/BlenderBIM Add-on installation

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The BlenderBIM Add-on is an extension to the popular free and open-source 3D authoring package Blender. Both the add-on and Blender itself works on Linux, Mac, and Windows.


  1. Install Blender. If you don't have administrator rights on Windows, you can download a portable ZIP instead.
  2. Download the BlenderBIM Add-on. You do not need to unzip the file you download.
  3. Launch Blender, and access the Edit -> Preferences window.
  4. Select the Add-ons tab, and press Install... on the top right.
  5. Navigate to the BlenderBIM Add-on .zip file, and press Install Add-on.
  6. You should now see Import-Export: BlenderBIM available in your add-ons list. Enable the add-on by pressing the checkbox beside it.

All done! If you check your Scene properties panel on the bottom right of the Blender interface, you will see a panel related to Building Information Modeling.



Known issues

Using the bleeding-edge version