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Logo blenderbim.svg This page is BlenderBIM Add-on documentation. All articles in the OSArch wiki related to BlenderBIM Add-on can be seen in the BlenderBIM Add-on Category
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License LGPL-2.0
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The BlenderBIM Add-on is a part of our Category:Blender_Add-ons. It provides functions related to OpenBIM reading, writing, and analysis through a user interface to IfcOpenShell.

BlenderBIM is alpha software, expect things to change and break. It is not ready for regular production work if you're not willing to expend a lot of pain and effort. Please read the BlenderBIM_Add-on_Roadmap to understand progress on the software.

You can find ways to offer financial support in the Donation_Directory.


  • Featured projects
  • Import .ifc, .ifczip, and .ifcxml formats
  • Export .ifc, .ifczip, and .ifcjson formats
  • Checking IFC data against an Information Delivery Manual with MicroMVDs
  • Provide an interface to manage IFC data, including:
    • Assigning IFC classes
    • Assigning attributes to IFC elements
    • Assigning properties and property sets to IFC elements
    • Assigning quantities and quantity sets to IFC elements
    • Calculating quantities of IFC geometry
  • Clash detection

Learn More

The BlenderBIM website has a tutorial to export your first model.

You can then read these articles to learn to use the add-on in more detail.

We are collecting tips, tricks and best practices for using the BlenderBIM Add-on on this page:

Advanced usage

External Resources

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