Architecture 3D models created in FreeCAD

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Architecture Models in FreeCAD

This list presents a group of 3D architecture models created with FreeCAD software, freely available from different sources and authors (forums, repositories, webpages, etc). The intention is to provide to users with open models that they can use and test in workflows with this parametric software. It is recommended FreeCAD 0.18 or higher to open these files.

Project name Description
Villa Savoye Recreation of famous Villa Savoye (1931) designed by Le Corbusier. Author: paullee. You need additional plugin to edit the file in FreeCAD.
Artigas's House Recreation of famous Vilanova Artigas's house (1949) designed by João Batista Vilanova Artigas. Author: Yorik.
Barcelona Pavilion Recreation of famous Barcelona Pavilion (1929) designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Author: Yorik. There is a video tutorial about the modeling process with FreeCAD.
Farnsworth's House Recreation of famous Farnsworth's house (1951) designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Author: bitacovir.
Church of the Light Recreation of famous Church of the Light (1989) designed by Tadao Ando. Author: bitacovir.
Maison Dom-Ino Recreation of famous Maison Dom-Ino (1915) designed by Le Corbusier. Author: bitacovir.