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On this page you can find resources for datasets, sample files, testing files and other types of Open Data useful for AEC projects & software development & testing.

On the AEC Open Data Standards Directory page are data resources publicly available which use these data formats.

We are collecting a selection of high quality BIM files in multiple format in the OSArch Example Files Collection. Feel free to suggest files in the sample files for openbim in multiple formats forum thread.

Open Data directories[edit]

Name Description License
DURAARK logo.png DURAARK DURAARK - Durable Architectural Knowledge worked on developing methods and tools for the Long-Term Preservation (LTP) of architectural knowledge, including approaches to enrich Building Information Models with “as built” information from scans; semantically enrich building models with additional data sets and preserve 3D models for future reuse. Files from the project can be found by searching the website ([query]=duraark). License varies
Edp-logo.png European Data Portal The European Data Portal harvests the metadata of Public Sector Information available on public data portals across European countries. Information regarding the provision of data and the benefits of re-using data is also included. License varies
Ifcopenshell logo.png IfcOpenShell Public Test Files This is a collection of IFC files that are useful for testing IfcOpenShell.
IfcWiki Example Files This is a collection of IFC files that are useful for testing IFC.
OpeningDesign.jpg OpeningDesign Projects OpeningDesign is a US-based architectural practice where all projects are conducted out-in-the-open. That is, during the development of any one project, all the content is hosted publicly on either Github or Gitlab and is open source. All team communication is conducted through public chat rooms. CC-BY-SA 4.0
BuildingDataGenomeProjectLogo.png The building data genome project "It is an open data set from 507 non-residential buildings that includes hourly whole building electrical meter data for one year. Each of the buildings has meta data such as or area, weather, and primary use type. This data set can be used to benchmark various statistical learning algorithms and other data science techniques. It can also be used simply as a teaching or learning tool to practice dealing with measured performance data from large numbers of non-residential buildings." MIT
BuildingSMART-Logo 64x64.png Sample IFC Test Files Sample files of various formats and schema versions for testing implementations. Small files testing one things at a time. CC-BY-4.0
University of Auckland.png Open IFC Model Repository The aim of this repository at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, is for it to be a location from which a wide variety of well analysed IFC-based data files can be sourced. There are over 100 IFC files. ?

Material Data directories[edit]

Name Description License
logo Thermal properties of building materials "The aim of this technical report is to present and give an overview of a dataset collecting the main thermo-physical properties of various common construction and building materials used in the built environment and composing elements of buildings and infrastructures. In addition, suggestions and recommendations are made for the thermo-physical properties of the materials composing the indoor content and furniture elements present in the built environment." unclear
Materialsdb.png materialsdb is a public database of product data "E4tech Software SA and the building material providers Flumroc, Isover, Morandi, Pavatex, Swisspor, Tuileries de Fribourg et Lausanne, with the assistance of the Fraunhofer Institute, have developed a new open source format in XML (Extensible Markup Language). The project is funded by the providers and is open to others willing to join. The participation of a large number of providers is important for the success of this new approach."

There is also an unofficial python library for and the author Cyril Waechter also has some blog posts about integrating materialsdb with Autodesk_Revit using the PyRevit extension pyRevitMEP. There is also a blog post about integration with BlenderBIM_Add-on


National Directories and Maps[edit]

Name Description License
Glasgow Open Data (UK) A comprehensive data set. The data includes a Glasgow Urban Model UK open-government-licence
Open Data DK Open Data DK is an association of danish councils and regions who have cooperated since 2016 to open their data via a shared data platform. It includes a variety of data from council infrastructure to socioeconomic indicators. The aim is to create transparency, support growth and innovation, and make the most of the data already available. Data includes data for some cities but is mostly in DWG/DXF format. (The site is only in Danish) License varies by dataset. Mostly commons style licenses.
Openden logo.png OpenDEM "This is an open project for sharing the third dimension of the earth´s surface." License varies by dataset. Includes only open data sets.
Pdoc logo.png pdoc pdoc hosts open access geodata for Holland License varies
NSW Digital Twin The Australian state of New South Wales has a " ... Digital Twin Minimum Viable Product (MVP) platform aims to respond to the NSW State Infrastructure Strategy by developing a 4D (3D+time) Foundation Spatial Data Framework. This includes providing presentation capability which allows visualisation and interrogation of 3D and 4D data models. The goal is to help the NSW Government with infrastructure assets planning and management, integration with land use planning, data collaboration, and sharing." ?
Open Urban Data from Singapore Urban Analytics Lab (Singapore) curated inventory of data relevant for geospatial and urban analyses. ?
Netherland 3D viewer and downloads for the whole of the Netherlands in CityJSON or raw data CC-BY 4.0